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Power Rankings

Love/Hate and the Art of Perseverance

Greetings from the 06010! Before I get to the rankings today, I wanted to speak to the teams out there who are 0-6, 1-5,...
Shit Talk
What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Rather than creating a ranking based on the relative merits of each person's team at this particular point in time, I have decided to...
Power Rankings

Most Deadly Animals

Welcome to this week’s list of Most Deadly Animals. Let’s get started: 10. Joey the Sloth Like the Sloth, Joey’s team is off to...
Power Rankings
Power Rankings Week 2

Week 2 Power Rankings

I’m Michael Scott and for the next 45 minutes I will be taking you on a tour through League by Example. Webster’s dictionary defines...
Power Rankings

Week 1 Power Rankings

AHHH. THIS. IS. THE HERD! Coming to you live from Los Angeles, wherever you may be listening or wherever you may be watching. I’m...
Fantasy Pro Tips

How to Win Fantasy and Infuriate People

When it comes to self-help books, there are few that can compete with the sustained success of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”....

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