What's in a name?
Shit Talk

What’s in a name?

Rather than creating a ranking based on the relative merits of each person's team at this particular point in time, I have decided to...
Power Rankings

Most Deadly Animals

Welcome to this week’s list of Most Deadly Animals. Let’s get started: 10. Joey the Sloth Like the Sloth, Joey’s team is off to...
Power Rankings Week 2
Power Rankings

Week 2 Power Rankings

I’m Michael Scott and for the next 45 minutes I will be taking you on a tour through League by Example. Webster’s dictionary defines...
The League

Scoring Settings

Scoring Passing Every 25 passing yards (PY25) 1 Each Pass Completed (PC) 0.1 Each Incomplete Pass (INC) -0.1 TD Pass (PTD) 4 Interceptions Thrown...